Hopefully these videos help to display how you can use Bear Plank to Down Dog to help “core control” in your squat.

Deep breathing in this exercise might just give you the opportunity to experience what “ribs over hips” actually feels like while loading your core throughout the range of motion that takes place during a squat.

Sometimes we need more points of contact to feel more in control of our bodies. I see this a lot with hypermobility as well as postpartum.

Many people have a bad habit of flaring their ribs and extending through their lower back when they squat. This can lead to squats not feeling so good in their body.

A bodyweight squat should be performed something like this.

Client feedback: “felt more connected doing the exercises and not disjointed. There was just this cohesive sensation or sense from my head down to my glutes, hamstrings and heels as I did the squat. It didn’t seem like ‘exercise’ as something I had to do but something that made parts of my body work as a unit which I don’t usually feel. Sooo coool.”

—client AHAAA moment.

This is what coaching means to me 💛