Did you know that you can literally breathe better for a stronger core?
Sounds hokey, but it’s true.  This is not just true for mamas in the postpartum period,  it holds true for literally everyone. My yogis know how to “belly breathe” and my desk jockeys know how to “chest breathe” but pretty much NO ONE can add in that back body expansion breathing with out the help of this drill.
The first time I was exposed to 360 degree breathing (back body expansion breathing/ diaphragmatic breathing) and the Posture Restoration institute methodology was when I was heavy deadlifting in my twenties. It helped me understand how to brace my core without wearing a weightlifting belt. With patience and practice I was able to create my own intra abdominal pressure without the help of a belt and my low back felt amazing.
Fast forward 10 years and two kids and here I am again. This time around I am using the same breathing drill but for different reasons. I use it now for relaxation, to calm my tight hip flexors and to get all my abs on board post baby #2. I can literally tone my abs from the inside out! I don’t  perform tons of crazy abdominal exercises. I have simply trained myself to breathe properly throughout the day and utilize core breath during exercises.
The reality is this 90/90 breathing drill can benefit EVERYONE in some way shape or form.

Do you sit a lot?
Are your hip flexors tight?
Do you have a pancake ass?
Low back pain?
Hip pain, knee pain?
Diastasis Recti?
Coning or doming with core work?
Just feel disconnected from your core?
Stressed the fuck out and shallow breathing?

If you answered yes to any of the above, get your ass on the floor and grab a rolled up towel, small ball or yoga block and let’s get breathing.
If you want my help…shoot me an email stacey@staceyschaedler.com and lets get you in for an evaluation to get you moving in the right direction!
Here is an even longer explanation of the exercise that you can hop in on alongside my kick ass clients 🙂

As I always say… everything you do you must undo! Start your day off right or release the stress of the day with this breathing drill. It will be the foundation of all your strength training success down the line. It will help your body feel pain free with daily movements and help you to feel your abs naturally as they were designed to be used.

Ahhh yes lots of lofty promises for some stupid fucking breathing drill but by now you know would never lie to you. Consistent and patient practice of this exercise will surely serve you well. Get breathing with me today!
Look out for some more of my favorite breathing drills in different positions once you have mastered this one 🙂