I get a ton of questions with regards to core exercises from my new mamas. Stacey, “what is the best core exercise to perform so I can get my abs back?”
Many mamas are looking for me to say planks or cross body crunches but the reality is breathing properly is going to the most important core exercise to perform in the postpartum period.
I can hear the complaints now.
“But Stacey breathing is so BORING I want to exercise, I want to sweat.”
If I could say ONE thing about postpartum it would be that SLOW is actually FAST.
Don’t skip over the “boring shit” because it will kick you in the ass later.
Trust me, you don’t want that.
I am talking diaphragmatic breathing.

Let me me explain WHY you need to be doing this.
Let’s talk pregnancy. Sure birth is hard on our bodies but SO IS PREGNANCY. Our body goes through SO MANY changes and the truth is our bodies DON’T JUST BOUNCE BACK. They need our help to work optimally after baby. This is exactly why I created MILF after having Julia.
I’m going to keep this so super simple so you can appreciate just what is going on in your body, and so that you will start practicing your goddamn breathing 🙂
Our core is a canister.

We have our diaphragm up top, that sits just under our ribcage.
And we have our pelvic floor that sits at the bottom of your pelvis.
In the front and sides we have our ABS that wrap all the way around the canister.
We all have a diaphragm, a pelvic floor and abs…and a core canister!
The core canisters main job is to manage pressure.
Let’s get to the nitty gritty on just WHY breathing is the most important core exercise you will be performing postpartum.
1.When you INHALE air into your lungs your diaphragm contracts DOWN. Your pelvic floor relaxes DOWN to create natural pressure in your abdomen. 
2. When you EXHALE your diaphragm goes back UP and your pelvic floor naturally lifts UP with the release of pressure. 
The fact remains that when your core canister system works properly +  you make time to practice diaphragmatic breathing you are strengthening your core + pelvic floor naturally all the time!
Growing a tiny human can MESS THIS SHIT UP BIG TIME. It could be all the changes that went on with your posture, you might have had a long pushing phase. The fact is, when your core canister doesn’t work optimally you can experience leaking, diastasis recti, low back pain, painful sex, knee pain, neck pain, heck the list goes on and on. No mama wants that, we have enough to worry about!
Here is a longer explanation of what exactly we are going for with the 90/90 breathing.

Clearly this is not the ONLY core exercise I want you doing postpartum BUT it is the FOUNDATION of everything you will rebuild after having a baby…so let’s get going!
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