Did you know there is a STRONG connection between your CORE STRENGTH + YOUR INNER THIGHS? They connect deep in the front line and when traditional core strength work isn’t working it’s time to take a look at your inner thighs!

Core strength is so important in our day to day lives. I want you feeling your best whether you prefer yoga or strength training! The following exercises are some of my latest favorite ways to train the core to be stronger than ever.

You will notice in all of the following videos I have a block squeezed between my legs. By squeezing the block I am engaging my inner thigh muscles (adductors). Your inner thighs connect to your core via the deep front line. This means your inner thighs can help to improve your core strength. Your glutes/ abs and inner thigh muscles (adductors) help to stabilize your pelvis and as a result can lessen low back pain.

The majority of women that I see have very weak inner thighs (adductors) or one side of their inner thigh that wants to fire more than the other. By increasing the strength of your inner thighs you also strengthen hip internal rotation. If you happen to walk a bit like a duck…like me 🙂 then you would benefit from the following exercises.

Downward Dog Bear Crawl Flow
Up Level your Plank

Next time you are down on the floor at home OR at the gym give these a shot. Remember the key to being successful with ANY and EVERY core exercise is your breathing!