Did you know that your hamstrings control the position of your pelvis AND your hamstrings work closely with your lower abs?

If your hamstrings are super lengthened it may result in you feeling chronically tight in your low back and hip flexors!

Give this hammy plank a go for 6 deep breaths and tell me how it feels!

Productive core and strength work all go back to breathing 😂 in “stacked” positions to get them to hold in daily life.

It took literally losing my core x2 from pregnancy to actually “get this”.

I don’t feel the need to “stretch and roll” as I have before.

When you are able to take a nice deep inhale your ribcage expands in the front, the back and side to side. Your diaphragm descends, as does your pelvic floor.

And you need to be able to exhale alll that air and more out in order for the ribs to come down and REALLY feel those abs working.

On exhale the pelvic floor must lift the diaphragm ascends and the ribs come in and down. This is the 360 breathing I often talk about.
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