Two years ago I created Smart Strength, a 12 week online training program for women that wanted to train with my methods but didn’t have to in person access to me.  It has been my greatest project to date. Women of all ages and ability levels gaining access to Smart Strength is my dream come to life! Two years and another maternity leave later I present to you Smart Strength 2.0 Gym Edition.  This 10 Week program includes my sequenced smart strength warmups to optimize the core and glutes as well as improve posture as well as these Top 5 Smart Strength 2.0 Booty Builders.
You may be wondering why I am just so hung up on glutes, there is a very valid reason!
Here is a  bit of my backstory on how I got into strength training:
I was one of those people born with NO ASS to speak of. My lack of glutes ended up getting me into a lot of trouble seeing as I was an avid runner, lacrosse and soccer player. As a young female this a dangerous combination. I was so quad dominant and possessed zero body awareness that by my senior year of high school my orthopedic surgeon told me that I was well on my way to a double knee replacement.
This was the straw that broke the camels back AND the start of my journey into smartstrength training, yoga and working tirelessly to understand the ins and outs of the human body.

These days there are all sorts of “squat challenges” and high repetition bodyweight programming promising to “tone and sculpt” DAT ASS, the badonkadonk, booty, junk in the trunk, tukus.. whatever you want to call it .  Don’t believe everything you hear. Many of these ads and challenges aren’t based on FACTS. Not only are a great set of glutes easy on the eyes, did you know it can also increase performance and prevent low back pain?!

I know a lot of you do not have access to crazy amounts of equipment  or countless hours of gym time, the fact remains that you don’t need much! I love training with weights and a suspension trainer to get the job done.
I don’t have all sorts of fancy equipment and I don’t train athletes.
I train REAL WOMEN and the fact is …they’ve gotten themselves some nice booties by following just 3 simple rules!
  1. Nutrition-what you eat is going to effect the way you look. The majority of women would see better results if they drank more water, upped their protein intake using REAL FOOD and aimed to eat vegetables at every meal!
  2.  If you have ANY hopes of growing your booty you need to be able to fucking breathe AND be in proper alignment in order to access the glutes properly.
  3. Your warmup can make all the difference in the world.

Smart Strength 2.0 Gym Edition gets you going with a SEQUENCED warm-up.
Smart Strength 2.0 Gym Edition will teach you how to release your tight areas.  Open up the hips and quads with exercises like this, as well as get your glutes revving and ready to go, with this.
Here are 5 of my favorite Smart Strength 2.0 Booty Builders!

(In each of the following exercises, maintain a stable core (not extend thru the ribs or lower back) and keep the hips square.  These two simple cues can ensure a neutral pelvis and allow you to the reap the benefits of the exercise.)
Frog Pumps- 25 + reps
1 Legged Squat to Box– (perform 10 reps/side)

Deadlift– (perform 10 reps)


Suitcase Lunge (perform 10 reps per leg)
Racked Lateral Carry-:30-1:00

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